Road Transportation

Most transport solutions consist of trucks transportation on the loading points. Due to close relationships with many partners all over the world, Bartrans organizes as full so part trucks shipments over the main European and CIS countries.

It is more workable for you to use road transportation for the internal and regional deliveries. Nevertheless, the wide choice of agents and transportation facilities let us determine and offer the best way of services to our clients. Preliminarily based on the land service our company will arrange your shipping with the help of the best qualified operators.

Our offers on land transportations cover options of loadings from standard to special trucks intended for over-sized, perishable or heavy cargos.

We generally work with independent companies and operators. It makes our part cargo shipments service arranging simultaneously in several points of loadings more qualified, helping to compete with the best prices getting by the clients.

Having access to all types of transportation services, we choose the most suitable and advantageous solution for your business.

We will provide truck transportations with the following directions:

- From the Khayraton border to the distant regions of Afganistan: Mazari Sharif, Shibargan, Khunduz, Pulikhumri, Kabul, Bogirom, Jalalabad;

-From/to Middle Asia (Uzbekistan, Lazakhstan) from/to the European countries;

-From Turkey to CIS countries -Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and also to Azerbaijan;

-From Iran to Middle Asia via Turkmenistan border Seraks;

-From Europe to Azerbaijan and CIS countries;

-From Azerbaijan to CIS countries,  Europe and Middle Asia.